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All models, actors, actresses and other persons that appear in any visual depiction of actual sexually explicit conduct appearing or otherwise contained in this Website were over the age of eighteen years at the time of the creation of such depictions. Rudefly.com does not posses, encourage, support
or condone child abuse or pornography.


The owner of this website is not the primary producer (as that term is defined in 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. Part 75) of any of the visual content contained on the website. All content on this website is legal sponsor content. For links to the relevant custodians of records for each individual image please visit the specific sponsor site or gallery. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Records-Keeping.

Gallery displayed on Rudefly.com and related sites are believed to be in the public domain. They were obtained from public Usenet Newsgroups, submitted photos Bulletin Board Systems, and CDROMs that are specifically intended for online usage. It is not the intent of this website, nor any subsidiary site to violate the copyright of any individual or business. If you believe this to be the case then contact the site administrator.

Please include specific information identifying yourself, your company, your legal address, a telephone number where you may be reached, include the full path to the URL and image in question, and documentation you possess to support your claim.

Such material will be promptly removed from this site, it is not our intent to violate anyone copyright.
Image Gallery are subject to our copyright. Posting of these copyrighted images to the Newsgroups is now a Federal Crime! Gonenudist prosecutes Violators of the Rudefly.com Copyright.


In supporting the laws of the United States of America, Canada and Europe Rudefly.com vehemently opposes what is commonly referred to as "child pornography" and legally defined by
United States Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 110 Section 2256

U.S.C. Title 18, Section 2257 Compliance Notice: All visual depictions displayed on this Website may be exempt from the provision of 18 U.S.C. section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75 as said visual depictions do not consist of depictions of conduct as specifically listed in 18 U.S.C section 2256 (2) (A) through (D), but are merely depictions of non-sexually explicit nudity. This site contains NO visual depiction of "lascivious exhibition(s) of the genitals or pubic area," clothed or unclothed.

Records required by Section 18 U.S.C. 2257 and the regulations of Section 75 C.F.R. 75 with respect to the photographs included herein are kept by the custodian of records.
For a list of custodian of records click here.


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